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Medical Case Management

Because not all claims require the same level of intervention, Care Dynamics offers a variety of solutions for coordination of care and return to work coordination. From early assessment to case closure, Care Dynamics will work with the medical providers to design a cost effective treatment plan that ensures quality care, efficient management of medical resources and early return to work for the injured worker.

Directing appropriate care and controlling costs in disabling or prolonged workers' compensation cases is no easy matter. Unsupervised treatment can go on for an inordinate length of time, considering the variety of complex and costly treatment options currently available.

Care Dynamics has designed Medical Case Management Services to aggressively assist in cost control while ensuring timely, appropriate care for your workers.

On Site Case Management

For cases that cannot be handled adequately with telephone contacts, Care Dynamics offers complete medical case management services or a combination of telephonic and on-site case management. Our case managers make direct personal contract with the injured worker, medical providers, and employer. Injured workers receive coordinated care through treatment plans aimed at early recovery and early return to work. Care Dynamics accepts Limited Medical Assignments to address and resolve specific issues or problems. Limited Medical Assignments are useful to obtain treatment plan, release to return to work, schedule IME's or second opinions.

Early Intervention Telephonic Case Management

Telephonic case management provides early evaluation and coordination of care through telephone contacts. Because accidents do not always occur during normal business hours, a nurse is available 24-hours a day. The telephonic nurses contact the injured worker and medical providers. The nurse develops a treatment and case management plan, monitors compliance with the plan, negotiates a release to return to work, and communicates with the injured worker throughout the recovery period. The employer and claims examiner are provided a status report by phone, fax or e-mail.