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Care Dynamics, Inc. is a private nurse-owned medical case management company. Since 1996 we have been providing quality workers’ compensation services. We specialize in workers’ compensation cases including catastrophic, spinal cord and head injuries as well as less serious injuries.

Care Dynamics, Inc. is a premier provider of comprehensive workers’ compensation medical case management and quality review services. We have designed medical case management services to aggressively ensure timely, appropriate care for injured workers while assisting in controlling costs. Since we specialize in workers compensation claims we understand the unique aspects related to occupational injury, recovery, and the return to work issues. Our experience, background, and commitment to providing quality service enable us to provide a unique level of service. We offer proven case management and consulting services.

When injuries that are minor, complex, or catastrophic require an expert with strong clinical background and case management experience you need a Care Dynamics, Inc. nurse case manager. Our nurse case managers ensure timely, appropriate, cost-effective care necessary to return employees to optimum health and a productive life style consistent with the state of their recovery.

Because not all workers’ compensation injury cases require the same level of intervention, Care Dynamics, Inc. offers a variety of solutions for medical treatment coordination and return to work coordination. From early assessment to case closure, Care Dynamics, Inc. case nurses work with the medical providers to design a cost-effective treatment plan that ensures appropriate, quality care, efficient management of medical resources, and early return to work.

Experienced, licensed professionals provide all services. Monthly reports with standardized report formats are provided. Email updates and telephone consultation is provided as needed. Care Dynamics, Inc. provides cost controlled case management services. Our fees are lower and we provide only the services that are needed. Care Dynamics. Inc. case managers do not have monthly billing requirements.