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Services Early Intervention

A Care Dynamics, Inc. nurse is available through our toll free telephone number 24 hours a day seven days a week for medical treatment coordination and consultation. After the nurse is contacted she will initiate immediate contacts with the injured worker, medical providers, employer, and insurance company representative. The nurse will establish the essential elements and formulate a plan that includes treatment and return to work.

The objective and goals of Care Dynamics, Inc. are early identification of high risk and costly cases. Timely, appropriate, cost effective care for the injured worker. Decreased potential for medical complications. Reduction in lost time and modified work time. Provide a significant reduction in medical cost. Increase communication between all parties.

Telephonic Medical Case Management and Return to Work Coordination

The telephonic nurse case manager contacts the injured worker, medical providers, employer and claim representative. The nurse develops a treatment plan, monitors compliance with the treatment, and coordinates return to work. Care is coordinated through treatment plans aimed at early recovery and early return to work. Contact is maintained with everyone involved until resolution.

On Site Case Management and Return to Work Coordination

For cases that cannot be adequately managed with telephone contacts, Care Dynamics, Inc. offers on site medical case management services. The case nurse makes direct personal contact visits with the injured worker, medical providers, and employer. Injured workers receive coordinated care through treatment plans focused on early recovery. We accept limited assignments to address and resolve specific issues or problems.

Job Analysis

As needed written or videotaped job analysis are obtained at the worksite and provided to the medical providers. The information enables the providers to evaluate the physical requirements of the job to assist in determining return to work ability. If indicated a work site evaluation would be completed by the nurse case manager, occupational therapist or certified ergonomist. The purpose would be to determine if ergonomic hazards were an injury factor. If so, written recommendations that would provide optimal ergonomic considerations when performing job tasks would be provided.

Physician Review and IME

The case managers will arrange review of medical records and arrange Independent Medical Evaluations. The nurse will communicate with the reviewing physician and provide all pertinent records and information.

Discount Program

Care Dynamics, Inc. has negotiated discounts for services and diagnostic testing. We utilize our discounts and negotiate services and supplies as needed to ensure cost saving while ensuring that appropriate, quality care is provided.

Medical Record Review and Quality Review

We will provide review of medical records, provide timely, chronological summaries, nursing opinions, and recommendations. Nurses will provide utilization and quality care review services.